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Wellness Templates

Free downloadable templates at your fingertips to implement into your daily and weekly routine.

Daily Gratitude Template

It is commonly known that through the expression of gratitude, you attract more affluence into your life. Bringing awareness to what you are grateful for in your life daily will create fresh insight, clarity of abundance, and enhanced positivity. Use our gratitude template to jot down 3 things you are grateful daily and witness transformation within your life.

Weekly Recap Template

"Recap" short for recapitulate means to summarize, repeat, reiterate main and key points. When we dedicate the opportunity to recap our days, weeks, months, etc., we are given the opportunity to see where we succeeded, what went well, and maybe even something we can improve on. Give yourself this opportunity to reflect on a previous week and set the tone for an incoming week. All it takes is 5 minutes or less! Make this recap apart of your weekly routine and your future self will thank you. 

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