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In 2016 Sri began her journey of true self-discovery in her hometown of Denver, Colorado. Her yoga practice began a few years prior and as intimidated as she was with her initial practice, her innate intuition pushed her to continue. In March 2017, she became a certified yoga instructor earning her E-RYT 200 in Hatha Yoga. That September, she began leading donation-based yoga classes in her community. As her practice evolved she began teaching other types of yoga such as Vinyasa, Power, and Yin both privately and publicly including at fairs, workshops, and other public events.

Not long after, she was introduced to the healing and relaxing powers of sound haling when she attended her 1st sound healing bath in May of 2019. Her experience left her obsessed with the physical, spiritual, and emotional sensations she experienced and to this day she regularly attends sound baths. She knew it was time to invest her time in enriching her knowledge behind this magically practice for personal development.

In 2021 Sri founded Connect Yoga with the intention of bringing the power of yoga to others through her passion, knowledge, and skillset of the practice. In 2023, she has expanded her offerings to include sound healing as well. Join her for both in-person and virtual private 1-on-1 and group sessions, events, workshops, and retreats and experience all yoga and sound healing have to offer mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Certifications & Experience

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

2017 | Hatha Yoga | Im'Unique


25-hr Hands-on Assist Training

2023 | Black Swan Yoga

20-hr Sound Healing Training

2023 | Chiang Mai Holistic & Soulremember Academy

300-hr Yoga Teacher Training

In Progress | Yoga Medicine Online

In-person/Virtual Classes, Private 1:1 & Group Sessions – September 2017-present

Led private 1:1 and group yoga sessions at festivals, conferences, fundraisers, section 8 housing, etc, in-person donation-based Hatha yoga classes twice weekly for ~2 years, currently leading virtual yoga class


Instructor at ĒLXR Yoga Lounge – November 2019-March 2021

Taught 2-3 Power, Vinyasa, and Yin classes weekly. All classes were held in a heated space and a handful of them virtually. Some classes were also private 1:1 sessions or group classes.


Co-hosted Yoga Retreat in Kenya, Africa – September 2021

On behalf of ĒLXR Yoga Lounge, we held an international yoga retreat in the Watamu Treehouse in Kenya, Africa.

Instructor at Black Swan Yoga – December 2022-present

Teaching 7 permanent Vinyasa-based yoga classes. All classes are held in a heated space.

Some Clients Who've Booked With Sri Before

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Our Mission

Our goal is your growth. We strive to curate our yoga or sound healing experiences with intention and purpose. Focusing on the fundamental elements of what it takes to heal and transform, we deliver a satisfactory experience to every interaction. With each private or group session, our desire is that you leave feeling better than when you arrived.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice originating centuries back and have been carried through time because of its healing and transformative powers. There are an endless benefits to a yoga practice that are scientifically proven. These benefits extend from a physical state to a spiritual and mental state. When implementing a consistent yoga practice, you are bound to release stagnant energy within you that correlates to anxiety, stress, and physical tension. When practiced consistently, yoga has the potential to enhance a balanced metabolism, respiratory function, cardiovascular function, flexibility, muscle strength and toning changing not only how you show up for yourself, but also to the world.

Why Sound Healing?

The frequencies emitted during a sound healing session have the power to heal and transform you not only on a physical level but on a molecular level. With the way sound healing works, the vibrations of the sound move through you energetically promoting immediate relaxation. Physically, the cells of your body are becoming more regulated which allows you to relax further and have the potential heal physical ailments. Energetically, your chakras, energy centers, are being realigned and recharged. Mentally and emotionally, you are relieving yourself of stress, anxieties, fears, worries and so much more. Leaving the space you are guaranteed to feel more connected to yourself, grounded, and present in the moment.




"Providing clear instruction can be challenging, virtually, but Sri mastered it!"

Nicole S.
"Sri is an amazing instructor, her flow and her music are amazing and will leave you feeling sooooo good!"

-Kat M.
“Instructor explained steps thoroughly and knowledgeable of practice.”

"The instruction was easy to understand whether you are a beginner or have been doing yoga for a while."

Nicole S.
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